The Best TENS Unit for Back Pain

Review the Comparison Grid below and you will see no other device checks all the boxes like the FDA-cleared Witouch Pro, which is completely wireless, and can be controlled with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. Boasting 4 different treatment programs and 15 levels of intensity, we are blown away by the Witouch Pro’s power capability and coverage area. Witouch Pro can be discretely worn all day to deliver rapid pain relief via patented waveforms, and comes with reusable gel pads to keep the device securely attached to the back. More impressively, the Witouch Pro Bluetooth TENS is the upgraded model from the now-discontinued Bayer Aleve Direct Therapy TENS. The Witouch Pro is our top pick for best TENS unit because it has the highest power output and largest coverage area of all other competitors, and testers found it the easiest to use, with an affordable price.
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