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  • Small, light-weight and portable.
  • Intermittent features.
  • Battery powered.
  • Engage manually.
  • Customizable protocols.
  • Unmatched patient comfort.

Modpod®  is a safe, drug-free clinical device used to treat acute and chronic neck pain. Due to the unique design of Modpod® , you have access to integrate manual therapy with the cervical spine. This allows you to become actively engaged, and more creative with your treatment options. Modpod®  works by creating repeatable, customized pulling forces to the cervical spine. These forces increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve mobility, reduce muscle tension, and create decompressive forces on the disk, all of which contribute to a reduction in debilitating pain. Recent studies clearly support the use of mechanical intermittent traction, showing excellent results in treating radicular pain in short, medium and long-term follow ups.

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Additional Information

Modpod is the first and only clinical mobilization device dedicated to the cervical spine.


    Quality clinical treatments using research based protocols. With Modpod™ YOU control the treatment parameters. Pull force, treatment time, intermittent, static, hold & rest time, and pull speed are just a few of the options!

    Square footage is expensive! Modpod™ is portable, and battery powered. Use it when you need it, store it when you don’t.

    Be the first in your community to market & integrate Modpod™, into a well thought out cervical spine program to effectively treat acute and chronic neck pain.

    Modpod™ is reimbursed using the mechanical traction billing code, 97012. Same as all other mechanical traction devices.

Product Specifications

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  • Rechargeable battery

    Busy clinics can get up to two days use before recharging.
  • Flip Screen

    The Flip Screen button allows operation of the touchscreen display from either side of the device by changing the orientation of the touchscreen display.
  • Pause

    Adjust the patient’s position during treatment and make edits to the pull force by simply pressing the Pause button.
  • Treatment Customization

    Customize your treatments on the Treatment Edit Screen and save as a favorite for repeated use.